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The Elbert County Comprehensive High School began its Trade and Industrial Programs in the fall of 1976. The inclusion of these programs made the CTAE Department almost complete. The building of the Granite Lab and the development of Granite Technology in 1979-80 filled the void. The Granite Capital of the World now has its own secondary training facility.


Granite Technology is designed to orient and train students in the major phases of granite finishing. Students learn the basics of first aid, shop safety, apprentice program, measurement, granite technology, tool and machines. Each student will take part in diamond sawing, polishing, hand polishing, sandblasting, layouts, stencil cutting and fundamentals of stone cutting.

Granite Technology Syllabus






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The Granite Lab VICA Club is organized as an integral part of the Granite Technology Program. The club activities lead students to strive to perform at their very best in their occupational skill area and help students to improve leadership skills.

The Monucad software was donated to the Granite Lab by Elberton Office Equipment and Monucad Computer Application Inc. in Cherry Valley, N.Y. Efforts by granite manufacturing companies made this possible.

The Monucad is used to draw layouts, letterings, logos, and designs on a rubber stone covering. After the design is printed on the cover, it is sent to a stencil cutter to be automatically traced and cut. It is then placed on the granite pieces to be sandblasted.

Students have hand on hand training with the monucad and from time to time, they will have industry people to call and help with the training.