Metals Technology

Students in the Metal Technology Program at Elbert County Comprehensive High School are taught a variety of skills that can be used in today’s high tech world of industrial manufacturing. These skills include all phases of arc. welding, semi-automatic wire feed welding, tungsten insert gas welding and plasma arc cutting. The students also receive in-depth instruction in machine tool operation, blue print reading , layout, and design of products. Safety is an integral part of instruction in all areas of the Metal Technology program.

A student can earn a Career Pathway in Metals Technology by taking the following sequence of courses:

*Occupational Safety and Fundamentals
Intro to Metals
Arc Welding Processes 1 & 2
Intermediate Arc Welding Processes




Casey Freeman, Jr.

The program is taught by Mr. Casey Freeman, Jr. , a veteran teacher with over 37 years experience in the metal trade. The values of strong work ethics and quality workmanship are stressed in all aspects of the Metal Technology courses.

After completing two years in the Metal Technology program, a student is prepared to enter the metal trade as a welder or machine tool operator. Other options available are further study and training with post secondary technical schools or college.

Many industries located in and around Elbert County have discovered that graduates of the Metal Technology program at Elbert County Comprehensive High School are valuable assets to their companies’ skilled work force.