Kim Fuller
CTAE Director

Career, Technical and Agricultural Education provides Georgia students with the opportunity to select a Career Pathway. These pathways are state-approved career enhancement programs that combined with the recommended academic course work, will prepare students to continue their education at any level or enter the world of work. The Career Pathways are sequential electives in a particular area. Implementation of Career Pathways is a collaborative effort between the local systems, the Technical College System of Georgia and the University System of Georgia to help transition students from high school to college with a strong skill base. Most high-demand, high-skilled, high-wage occupations still require education beyond high school.

For information on the Career Pathways offered at ECCHS visit CTAE Career Links/Pathways
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Preparing young people to participate in our economy is a critical challenge. We must equip students with a broad range of skills to enable them to succeed in their future careers. Students must acquire a sophisticated grasp of technology and its applications in the real world. They must learn to communicate effectively and develop the ability to master new skills and find creative solutions to problems. Most importantly they must learn to continue to learn--in post secondary education, in their careers, and throughout life.

As we enter the 21st century, we invite you to join us in creating futures for students that are economically rewarding and personally satisfying.


Career, Technical & Agricultural Education Philosophy

The purpose of the CTAE Department is to offer a curriculum to meet the needs of all students. Technology/Career Education involves integrated relationships between academic education and specific career opportunities. CTAE benefits society by contributing to the increased productivity of its citizens, its economic strengths, and its quality of life through a broad-based curriculum.

CTAE programs provide learning experiences and activities that permit students to:

  • Explore various career options in which they may have an interest
  • Prepare for further education at the post secondary level
  • Gain the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to obtain a job, advance in that job, and continue to learn in a work/or educational setting
  • Increase their science, math and language/communication skills through practical applications


Career, Technical & Agricultural Education Programs of Study

Agriculture and Environmental Sciences
Business Education
Broadcast/Video Production
Family and Consumer Sciences
Granite Technology
Metals Technology
Work-Based Learning



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