David Bennett

A student can earn a Career Pathway in Visual Arts by taking the following sequence of courses:


Visual Arts 1

Visual Arts 2

Visual Arts 3

Visual Arts 4

Drawing & Painting


The Art Department at Elbert County Comprehensive High School strives to offer instruction to students in the areas of art studio, art history, art criticism, and aesthetics. The students participate in a variety of activities in order to become more skilled art producers and more literate art consumers. The studio areas offered include drawing (including pencil, charcoal, color pencil, chalk and oil pastel, pen and ink, graphite, and conte), painting (including tempera, watercolor, oil, and acrylic), printmaking, pottery, sculpture (including clay, paper mache, paper, wood, plaster, and found materials), fiber arts, collage, graphic design, and computer generated artwork.

The role of art in society is emphasized, and students learn how art is influenced by society, as well as how art influences society. Students learn about the many art related careers, and hear guest speakers from art schools and colleges. Local artists are invited into the classroom to talk about various local job opportunities.

A student can enroll in an art course each year of high school. The Art I classes are taught on a beginner level, with no prior experiences necessary. Interested students may also take more advanced courses in specific studio areas, such as drawing, painting, and ceramics. Written mid-term and final exams are given in all art courses. Field trips in classes include working on location, visiting local artists' studios, and various community service projects.

As students are creating artwork, they learn the elements of art and design principles. They also learn about specific historical works that relate to the studio area being covered. Every effort is made to relate the art history and studio work to the students' lives, in the hopes that they will use what they learn outside the art classroom, and that art will become an integral part of their lives.