Student Art Auction




To place a bid, please email Mr. Bennett directly at this address:


 Mr. Bennett says.....

I cannot claim full credit for the start of the Student Art Auction. MSG Al Homer has purchased several pieces of student art in the past years. When he came to pick one up, he mentioned that he thought we could sell a lot of the art work done in my class. I took the idea to my NAHS group and they were very enthusiastic to start. After writing up a proposal, I took it to the administration for their approval and receive an ok that was as enthusiastic as the one given by my students! We've been rolling ever since and have received a lot of support system-wide. I have people stopping me in the store asking about pieces and what art work will be next and such. It's been great!

The money raised from the sales is split 50-50 with the student artist. I give them their share in cash and deposit the rest into an art account at the high school. I've used the funds to purchase two class sets of Sharpie markers for projects and some clay for sculpting so far. It's nice to have some funds on hand for last minute purchases of supplies I tend to run low on as the year progresses.

We hope to continue the auction for the rest of this year, and make it even bigger next year.