2015 Reality Store

ECCHS held its 3rd annual Reality Store event on February 6, 2015, in the multi-purpose room of our brand-new Band/ROTC building. Approximately 30 individuals from the community and 7 faculty members from the high school volunteered to work the event. Over 200 freshmen participated.

The Reality Store is designed to encourage students to think about the future and to visualize how their educational and career choices will impact their economic well-being.

At the Reality Store, students were able to:

  • Envision the lifestyle they’d like to have when they are in their mid-20’s;
  • Receive a checking account deposit equal to one month’s salary from their desired jobs;
  • Spend their salary in the Reality Store, first on necessities and then on luxuries;
  • Handle some of life’s unexpected events;
  • Learn whether their selected occupation will provide the financial resources needed to provide the lifestyle they want; 
  • Receive financial counseling.

Most students seemingly saw the value of the event. Below are some of their comments:

“This showed me how to spend money wisely and compromise on things that are not necessary.”

“I need to really look at what I study in school and choose my career carefully. I will definitely go to college.”

“I learned that I will have to spend more wisely and keep in mind things still to come.”

“I realize how important it is to get an education.”

“I am never having kids…they cost too much!!”


The volunteers also had a positive reaction, with comments such as:

“Many of the students seemed to know little about budgeting. This is a much needed exercise!”

“For most, this was eye-opening. What looked like a large salary was not as large as originally thought.”

“Being in the financial industry, I can say first-hand how important it is for kids to learn what it costs to live before they make college choices.”

"This truly exposed the students to reality."

Special thanks to all of our volunteers and the many businesses who allowed their employees to participate.


The event was coordinated by Mrs. Denise Brown.


**Please take a look at the pictures from this event in the album link on the left-hand side of this page!**