FLASH Curriculum Information

Dear Parent or Guardian:

Adriane Strong, Adolescent Health Educator for TEEN MATTERS-Elberton, will be presenting a series of lessons to students at ECCHS during our Teachers As Advisors program (TEAM Time).         

                9th Grade – Digital Communication and Safety

                10th Grade – Gender Stereotypes

                11th Grade – Healthy Relationships

                12th Grade – Deciding When to Become a Parent

A copy of the curriculum has been placed on the school website (in the left-hand sidebar of this webpage) for your viewing; printed copies are available in room B-11 or the main office.  If you CHOOSE for your child to participate in each grade level lesson, NO ACTION IS NECESSSARY.  If, after reviewing the material, you choose for your child not to participate, please contact Rhonda Driver at rdriver@elbert.k12.ga.us or complete and return the opt-out form (accessible in the left-hand sidebar of this webpage) to Rhonda Driver, room B-11, by Monday, March 2.