No More Tablet Batteries!
No More Tablet Batteries!
Posted on 02/25/2015
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Attention students and staff:

Effective Monday, March 2nd, there will be no TABLET batteries for 9TH AND 10TH GRADE devices given out at the HelpDesk.  Continue to come to HelpDesk with problems and issues with your student technology device, but you will not be able to get a charged tablet battery.

Please get into a routine of charging your device each night.  You are considered not prepared for class if you come to school with a dead battery. 

(If you can charge your cell phone, you can charge your tablet!!!) 

Here are some charging suggestions:

1.    Charge your device’s battery while it is still on so that you can see if you have a good connection or not by seeing the battery indicator on the bottom task bar area. 

2.    Put your device into AIRPLANE MODE for a faster charge.

3.    Limit the things you do on your technology device to EDUCATION ONLY while at school.  VIDEO and GAME playing use a lot of battery.

If you have lost your charger or having issues with charging, please come by the HelpDesk to get your technology device analyzed to determine whether it is the charger or the tablet causing the issue.

If you have lost your charger, we can replace the charger and you will be placed on owed fees for the one you lost.