Instructional Support


Denise Brown
Instructional Support Specialist


Rhonda Driver
Instructional Support Specialist


In addition to their classroom responsibilities, the Instructional Support Specialists are responsible for the following tasks:


  • coordinating the Teachers as Advisors program (TEAM Time), including   
    • assisting in the writing of the TEAM Time curriculum
    • assisting with faculty training sessions prior to each TEAM Time meeting
    • assigning students to a TEAM Time group
    • setting TEAM Time meeting dates for the current school year
    • ensuring that BRIDGE Act requirements are met by all students
  • monitoring student academic performance, including
    • identifying  students, primarily  freshmen and seniors, who are failing one or more classes
    • contacting the individual students, the teachers, and the parents to devise ways the student can improve his academic performance
    • continuing to monitor the progress of each student until he/she is back in good academic standing
    • supporting RTI efforts
  • coordinating the Reality Store Simulation for all first time 9th grade students
  • organizing college campus visits for selected students from each grade level
  • assisting with 504 implementation
  • assisting with Title I implementation
  • serving on the School Improvement Leadership Team